May 1964: Thái Hà’s First Liberty Class in Bến Tre Province

In Bến Tre Province, South Vietnam, Thái Hà captured the people loyal to the National Liberation Front (NLF). While doing so, in 1964 Hà set up a liberty art class. In 1965, he established another liberty class in Cần Thơ. While there, he and his students held a short exhibition at Phụng Hiệp Commune, the aim of which was to create propaganda for the war. The exhibition lasted for only one night as the South Vietnamese authorities shut it down. In 1966, he established the third liberty class in Cà Mau.

Figure 1: Thái Hà, 1964, Cà Mau Province. “Ba Chiến Sĩ (Soldier’s Father).” Ink on machine-made paper.

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