Plain of Reeds

The Plain of Reeds (also known as Đồng Tháp Mười) is an inland wetland in southern Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. Most of the wetlands are within Long An Province and Đồng Tháp Province. The Plain of Reeds has served as a base for rebels and bandits throughout Vietnam’s recent history. During the First Indochina War (1946-1955) the swamp frequently served as a base for the Việt MinhThe area was used as a base by the rebel Ba Cụt. During the Second Indochina War (1955-1975) the Plain covered a much larger area of 2500 square miles and again served as a base for National Liberation Front (NLF) forces. From 1–8 January 1966, US, Australian and Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) forces conducted Operation Marauder/Operation An Dan 564 in the area.